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Exploration and Discovery

If you’re curious about transformational coaching and want to learn more about how it can work for you, book a 30-minute session to try it out! This is a free session that gives you a brief but powerful introduction to my coaching style and allows you to see how well we could work together.

(30 minutes)

Alchemy Session

If you’ve decided you’re ready for coaching, let’s get started! Book your alchemy session so we can assess how we’ll work together. I look forward to seeing what comes of our conversation!

(1 hour)

1 Hour Prepaid Coaching

This category is reserved for existing clients who have paid for their personal or professional development engagement.

(1 hour)

1 Hour Transformational Coaching (Pay Now)

Clients who have an existing coaching engagement should select this option. Selecting this option requires payment at the time of scheduling..

(1 hour)
$ 165.00

1 Hour Leadership Coaching (billed monthly)

Clients who have an existing coaching engagement with monthly billing arrangements should select this option.

(1 hour)

Organizational Donation Redemption

If you are redeeming a donation to your nonprofit organization, please select this type. I look forward to meeting with you to support you in your ongoing self-discovery!

(1 hour)

By Arrangement

This category is limited to specified clients. Appointment requests are honored for those whose engagement agreements have been authorized at this rate.

(1 hour)
$ 75.00 IconPowered by